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22 Push Ups for 22 Days for Our Veterans

On the eve of this year’s Veterans Day, I thought to bring back the #22PushUpChallange to create once more awareness to the importance it is to be there for our veterans. Statistics say that more veterans are dying home than they are in the battlefield. That’s just not right…

Our veterans need us, their nation, to stand up for them, to help them stand, just like they have done it for us in the battle field. You, yes you, enjoy the freedoms of this country because our veterans have fought for it. It is time we fight for them.

As promised on my Facebook Live Stream earlier today, here is the list of charities to which you can donate, volunteer and help spread the word about:

  1. Operation Enduring Warrior:

  2. The Combat Wounded Coalition (CWC):

  3. The F7 Group:

  4. Hope For Warriors:

  5. Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA):

  6. USO (United Service Organizations):

  7. Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society:

  8. Puppies Behind Bars (PBB):

  9. Homes for Our Troops:

  10. Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Charitable Service Trust:

  11. Thanks USA:

  12. Fisher House Foundation:

  13. Operation Valor:

  14. Hounds and Heroes:

  15. Wounded Warrior Project:

  16. 22Kill:

These are just a few, there are always more organizations locally. Make sure to get involve with your community to find more ways to help those who have fought to keep and defend our nation.

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