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Education is The Answer

Hello everyone. It’s been a long time since I last wrote to you! However today I am inspired. Our nation is going through so much now a days that we need some light shined upon us once in a while.

Let’s talk positive. You know what we all need? Food. You know what we all do? Shit. You know what we all breathe? Oxygen. So what is all the fuss about dividing us? It is the new generation’s job to show the upcoming generations that it is not about race, color, religion, beliefs, culture, economic status or any other idea, it is about being one race, the human race. At the end of the day, if a meteor hits the earth it will destroy all of us, it is not going to pick and choose by race, religion, or any of that nonsense. If an earthquake happens, again, it will not pick and choose who it will affect or not, the same happens with a tsunami, a tornado, a wild fire, you get the point.

It is 2016, you would think we understand we are all human and we are one race together. Now, I’m not saying that we have to live in peace and happily ever after because let’s be honest, that would be mundane and most likely will never happen, yet what I am saying is that we have to focus on issues that matter globally, for example on energy, education, technology, finding cures to diseases, keeping what is left in our flora and fauna alive, progress in general because when all of our efforts are shifted to those things then issues like racism, politics, hate, body shaming, bullying, will be non-important, non-existent.

Education is the key in my opinion, society needs to be informed to be able to have their own opinion. Understanding topics, subjects, and situations is very important before developing an opinion or a mindset. It is important to create a need for knowledge, it is easy to be ignorant and not want to be informed or educated but that is not the best choice. Ignorance is bliss, someone once told me, yet it is not how an intelligent individual acts. The current powers want the rest of humanity to be dumb in order to accomplish their needs and stay in control, they are motivated by a sense of supremacy and total and utter greed. Start at home, start by educating and informing yourself, create your own opinion and view, and educate those around you just like our forefathers did in the pioneer days.

I strongly believe education is the key, it is the answer to end hate, and ignorance, it is the answer to progress as a race, and it is the answer to tolerant diversity and what I like to call “individual unity” where you get to be and individual yet live in unity. Education is the answer to tolerance and peace. Understanding what you don’t know will help you understand and not fear that same thing, there is a saying that I hold to be true “America the great, still fears what it does not know” this is another example of ignorance being a bliss, it is much easier to hate, be ignorant and be intolerant than learning from each other and understanding one another.

Enough is enough, it is time to get educated, to want to know more, to discover, to let that knowledge in, to gain that power with that knowledge and decide what type of future we want, an educated future, one that tolerates and encourages progress, a future where the headlines or trending news are not about racism, bullying, or body shaming but about progress and tolerance instead. Our economy is sinking, our food industry is getting worse and worse and the cure for cancer has not been found, why are we not concerned about this instead?

Let’s step it up America, it is 2016, we are in a new millennia yet acting like it is the 1600s. EDUCATE yourselves, start at home, educate your children, your family and if possible your friends, but understand that you are not dictating, you are trying to enlighten, if someone does not want to share this with you do not hold a grudge and do not force them because that is the start of a tyrannical individual and it defeats the purpose, focus on getting educated, be a tool of progress, and while you are doing this, don’t forget to be happy. ☺

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