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Staying Real

Today I met Nicole Arbour. For those who don't know who she is, do yourself a favor and google her…. Hehehe just kidding, but not really. She's a comedian, singer, actress and dancer who is not scared to say what she thinks and has also good knowledge to back it up. Yes, I am a fan. She is an inspiration just like Ronda Rousey, Selena Quintanilla, Beyoncé, Katie Perry, Madonna, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez, among many, who are powerful, smart, knowledgeable and pretty women. However, Nicole really taught me something very important today: don't be scared to use your right of freedom of speech and don’t be scared to be judged to say what you really believe in. At the end of the day the people who believe in you will follow you and that's the only people that should matter. She's been judged and she's been criticized, but she has stay true to her self and she can always define who she is, something that sometimes in this industry you forget.

To me, more than beautiful people, it is smart and kind people who inspire me. If they are pretty too, then I guess that's a plus. Yet, like we say back home in Mexico, “In taste, genres brake,” so what is pretty to me could be ugly to you and vice versa. Therefore, it all comes down to your heart and mind speaking to me. You have money? Great for you! You are famous? Great for you! You are kind and smart, down to earth and humble and you love to be a human being? Now we have a mutual score! My saying is: “it doesn't matter who you are or what you have, because in an earthquake none of that counts, we all become the same. It's what you do and how you do it that matters.” I'm in an industry where people feel entitled to judge me and feel like they know me, which makes sense since I do expose my personality and part of my life through social media and just media in general. Most people get the just of me, and then, there's a small percentage that obviously need a little more education, or just agree to disagree. Truth is, though, when I get negative comments and negative feedback, it disappoints me to know that's there's still a lot of ignorance out there in the world. Now, don't get me wrong, like a said before, I can agree to disagree with these people, but when it comes to judging in a personal level as if they know me, then there's a problem. Now, why am I saying all this? Why is this relevant to my initial point? Simple. I am, in a very small degree, disconnecting from my true self because I am trying to be “likable” when at the end, you are never going to please everyone. Thanks Nicole, you really did open my eyes back to reality there.

For example, every time someone calls me a whore, cunt or bitch in the comment section of any of my social media outlets, I could easily remind them that I have been happily married for the past six years and that I probably have had less sex partners than they’ve had, both women and men, because sorry men, you too can be whores… Or when someone writes a comment saying that I would not have been anyone if I had not posed nude, you are probably right, but the truth is, I didn't pose nude for attention, I posed nude to pay off my biochemistry major, and the fact that I ended in the entertainment industry modeling, acting and hosting is just proof that I am more talented than I thought, again, having my husband by my side supporting me, which if it would not have been him, it would have been my family. I probably have better principles, I know I have higher IQ and I probably have more wisdom than a lot of the negative people commenting in my social media, which 98% percent of the time I just ignore, but saying it out loud sometimes just helps ignore them better.

So yes, I never speak politics, religion, or eating habits (vegetarian, vegan, carnivore, etc.) to be “friendly,” but the truth is, I have a lot of thoughts on all of that! Now don't get me wrong, I'm not going to go crai crai on you right now or ever, but if something really, really, really annoys me, this time, I am not holding back. Because staying true to myself has to be more important than becoming this computerized icon that has nothing to teach or inspire. ☺

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