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Thankful = Grateful

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! My blog today will be about the things I am grateful for. I was planning to write it yesterday but I got food poisoning from the delicious thanksgiving feast. So to start with, let’s just say that I am grateful that my dad is a doctor and he was here, because he brought me back to health even though I did have a miserable Black Friday, hehehehe. No, but in all seriousness, I am very grateful about a lot of things.

Let’s start with the basics: I am grateful for the health and strength that I have, the roof over my head, the success at work and all my family around me. I am very grateful for all the support I get every day from all of you guys: my readers, fans, supporters and people who believe in the #Pomplunation movement. I am thankful for Playboy and all the doors that they have opened for me. I am grateful for all the opportunities that have been presented to me and for always having the right people beside me to guide me and support me. I am grateful to have two parents that I know that as long as they can will always be there for me, as they know I will be in turn for them. I am grateful to have found my soulmate, best friend, partner in crime and lover in my husband, and know that I will always have him on my side through bad and good, and he knows that I will do the same in turn for him. This year, like every year, I have many things to be grateful.

However, let’s go deeper to what really I am grateful for. One time, someone told me that Los Angeles, CA, will eat you and spit you alive if you were not ready for it. Living here, and being part of such harsh industry and the entertainment industry is, I’ve learned that I am very grateful for many things that cannot be seen, only understood. With that said, I am grateful for the good principles and manners that my parents and life experiences have taught me, I would probably have not accomplished half of the things I have if it wasn’t for that. I am grateful to have the “not so common anymore” common sense and common courtesy, because unfortunately these days, it’s a luxury to have that from someone else. I am grateful to be able to use logic when it comes to problem solving and that I am capable to focus in the solution and not the problem. In other words, I am grateful to have maturity and the head levelness that, again, now a days it seems more like a luxury and not a given as it should be. I am grateful for all the wisdom that my life experiences have given me, and that I finally understand that you can only teach to those who want to learn, and no one can teach you what you have to learn yourself. I am very grateful that I got to grow up in two different cultures and two different countries, because the extent of my worldwide comprehension is not limited by one single view and I can understand way more things by just comparing experiences. I am grateful to be bilingual, and be able to communicate with more people in this world, inspiring me to learn more languages and maybe communicate with even more people in the world. I am grateful for my kindness and my humbleness. I am grateful for my experiences and the things that made me grow up. I am grateful for all those things that remind me that to grow up does not mean to grow bitter and keep me happy and smiling. I am grateful of the fact that I know how to lose, to understand that you are not really loosing but gaining an experience or knowledge that can only make you wiser and stronger. I am grateful to know that when you fall the only thing you can do is to come back up, so it’s not the end of the world. I am grateful to be capable of being positive and always see the glass half full. And last but not least, I am grateful to have the one trait you truly need in this industry: patience. Like my mom always reminds me, “Patience my dear, is a virtue,” and it sure is.

So there it is. It’s easy to focus in all the problems we have, because we always have them. Some people have worse problems than others. Some people have real problems compared to ours. So let’s remind ourselves of the good things we do have in this life and appreciate them. Even in the darkest of darkest there’s always a light shining. Happy Thanksgiving! =)

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