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TomorrowWorld 2015

TomorrowWorld is an electronic music festival that is massive. The original festival is Tomorrowland and it’s been taking place every summer in Belgium for the past ten years. In the U.S. the festival takes place in Atlanta, Georgia. This was their third year and I got to attend for the very first time. Very first music festival also where I camped! The vibe was amazing, people where fun, food was incredible and music, of course, was elite. By far one of the best experiences ever. The festival was held in the middle of the woods next to a river. It was probably covering several acres, with a total of eight stages including the main one which was huge and very impressive. If there’s is one thing that can stand out and also describe TomorrowWorld, that has to be the main stage. Nearly 50,000 people from all over attended this year, but under the influence of the amazing music performers brought to the table, we became one. There was people dressed up, there was people dressed in mud, and there was people in normal clothes. All decorations were fun, creative and colorful, just like if you were in wonderland or Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Color was definitely key all across the festival, both in the set up as well as the people. Everything was perfect, everything but one thing: it rained all weekend. However, could a little rain really ruin such high spirited music festival? No.

When I knew I was going to attend, of course the first thing I did was check the weather. I knew it was going to be rainy so I prepared appropriately. What I didn’t prepare for was how difficult rain would make it to get in and out of the festival and how crazy muddy it would be. Did it matter? Nope. We got there, we partied, we danced, we enjoyed every second of that rain in combination with the amazing music, and we became one spirit all together. People everywhere where muddy, wet, drunk, happy and just enjoying the moment. All performing DJs from all stages were rocking the day, and the main stage became the zone of United Nations. Being there was fun and exciting, but I can also say that it was spiritual too. As the night fell on the second day, the main stage was filling up getting ready for the headliners of the night. All across the audience you could see flags from all over the world. You could also see flags from clubs and teams, all in one place. United by one common love to music, it didn’t mattered where you were from all that mattered is that you could enjoy the music just as your neighbor did. Every time the beat dropped it was a unison of jumping from all the crowd, almost all the 50,000 people were present in that stage and in that moment. If I felt all the power of humanity being united by music that night, I can only imagine how the performing DJ was feeling knowing that it was his music that was driving that force across the audience: Epic. Rain wasn’t a problem nor was all the mud or that fact that you were soaked, none of that mattered… moving with the beat and zoning to the music was the only focus point.

TomorrowWorld was definitely an experience, an experience that no rain was able to stop from happening. I can imagine that any music festival can unite mases that share the common love for music, however since this is the first one I’ve attended, and electronic music being so universal, I can’t imagine any other festival to feel the power of humanity united like I did in this one. TomorrowWorld, until the next tomorrow!

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