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Happy Birthday Mexico!

This blog is dedicated to the real Mexican Independence Day: 16 de Septiembre, given the fact that we are in the eve of it. It's no surprise when I hear people say, “wait, 5 de Mayo is not Mexico’s Independence Day?” No, it isn't. The real Mexican Independence Day is on September 16th. This week Mexico is turning 205 years old. Like any other country, Mexico celebrates big! There's a city party in almost every big city of Mexico and every home screams “Viva Mexico” right at midnight on the eve of September 16th. However, for the past three years I've got the opportunity to celebrate with the Mexican community here in the United States in no other place than Las Vegas, Nevada. Thus, my current visit to the city of sin.

Vegas turns into a little Mexico! Starting the weekend with a great boxing match, then a series of concerts of famous Mexican signers such as Alejandro Fernandez, Luis Miguel (last year and the year before) and Pepe Aguilar. The Caesars Palace puts on a whole Mexican inspired decoration, and every other person is a fellow Mexican who is taking advantage of the holiday to have fun in Vegas! This goes on for about three to four days. The spirit is high energy, fun and exiting. Definitely something that I have turned into a tradition with my husband and all my close friends, I can't miss a year. However, nothing compares to the amazing parties back home, but it is definitely a great way to celebrate. Traditionally, the parties go on on the eve of Mexican Independence Day, September 15th, and the actual holiday you use it to recuperate and have a nice family dinner. Yet, here in Vegas, we just keep drinking!

So here goes a big cheers for Mexico’s 205th birthday! All the way from Las Vegas, Nevada!

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